The Uwe Schneider GmbH realizes projects in different areas on behalf of various customers. The listed projects are examples of what we can provide.

Some of the proposed developments, we are able to offer commercial customers directly. In normal cases we manufacture the devices only on request of our customers and we keep only a few units in stock. But an inquiry to us worthwhile in any case.

Get inspired from the presented solutions and request our expertise on your special case. So if you are searching a solution for a technical problem, contact us.

Industrial solutions

Industrial Panel Computer The development of robust systems and sub-components for industrial and automation applications has for a long time been part of our fields of activity.

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Test and measurement solutions

Breakoutbox for sensor adapters Multi-purpose instrumentation is available in all price and quality. But for specialized measurement tasks they often lack the appropriate adapter circuits, robust sensor adapters or the diversity of the measured signals require a large number of different devices difficult to combine. In addition, you often have to pay for many functions and high measurement accuracy, which you don't need.
If a measurement task, for example as part of a production process, has to be performed always in the same way, the readings must be processed, the environment requires a robust implementation or many analog and digital signals must be sampled simultanously, a dedicated development already pays off with just a few test setups.

See also our project page test and measurement solutions.

Flight simulation

We develop and manufacture devices and software for flight simulation applications. Besides assembled printed circuit boards we also deliver complete devices such as the CDU and I/O boxes for different kind of application.

Acessing our hardware is an easy task with our special developed driver, the EHID. More information on our EHID project page.

If you are interested in flight simulation products you can also take a look at the Cockpitsonic pages.

Additional information can be found on our flight simulation project page.


CAN data logger We are supporting automotive supplier in the pre-development since years. We deliver test adapters for production and develop and manufacture components for test benches.

See our Automotive solutions project page.

Small projects

Measurement adapter with integrated electronics In many cases standard solutions do not fit propper and require rework. Thus, it is often worthwhile to develop even small solution to fit your needs, instead of spending hours looking for finished products.
Be free to look at our project page. If one of our solutions already fits, fine, elsewise don't hesitate to contact us.

Milan, Magnum & Co.

We are still getting requests to the Milan Computer we developed years ago.

Get some Information on ourMilan project pages.