Industrial Solutions

The development of robust systems and sub-components for industrial and automation applications is part of our business for a long time.

Replacement for a PLC

industrial control without PLC After the discontinuation of a certain PLC family, our customer had to make the decision to buy a lifetime stock or porting the design to a new generation PLC.
Gladfully we were able to provide an alternative solution. We developed a control board with a powerful ARM® processor to decode rotary encoders signals, capture light barrier signals, output analog signals and take over the necessary control functions.
For the visualization, we combined the control board with the 7" version of our panel PC family. Together with a simple IO board and the necessary interfaces we housed it all together in an industrial enclosure.
The entire development effort pays for itself after a quantity of 25 units.

Is your PLC solution obsolete? Let us suggest a solution.

Panel Computer Platform for Industrial Systems

BoTouch Panel Computer In the past we used industrial computer boards, a touch screen, a touch controller, backlight power supply and a LCD display as single components to form a usable system. In comparison to a complete Panel PC it was more complicated, but cheaper and more flexible in case of repair.
After discontinuation of our favorite computer boards, we decided to develop our own solution, after the market research didn't let us find a suitable device.
Fitting a Bopla BoTouch housing we now have developed a base board for Karo CPU modules and finished the housing parts. The first devices of the 7" devices are already in use, and the 5" variant exists as a prototype.

Both devices are equipped with the same electronics and have the following characteristics:

  • TFT with LED backlighting, resolution in both variants 800x480 pixels
  • Capacitive Touch Screen printed behind glass
  • Slot for Karo modules
  • CAN bus interface
  • RS232 interface
  • Ethernet interface
  • uSD slot
  • USB Type A, for example for USB stick
  • Backup battery for real time clock
  • Programming port as a micro-USB
  • Power supply: 9V-36V

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