Small projects for various applications

Do you need a simple and fast solution for a trivial problem? Even there we can help.

Adapter platform with integrated electronics in robust, compact and waterproof housing

masurement adapter with integrated electronic The adapter routes all plug connector signals via a rigid-flex printed circuit board on a frame which can be contacted to a PCB.
This concept provides an easy and fast implementation with simple and low priced priced circuit boards that can be soldered to the frame connector. The upper transparent part of the case can be used to signal internal states without violating the waterproof protection.

Our smart rotation speed sensor is based on this adapter.

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Compact BNC / BNC adapter

BNC adapter with space for electronics For the adaption of BNC connectors different kind of adapters are available in all price ranges but in our application we were in need of a simple circuit integration.
Our 1.4" (35mm) long adapter consists of two brass sleeves houses two BNC plug connector with 3/8-32 UNEF threads. In the intermediate space, individual components can be soldered. By turning the outer sleeve the adapter is mechanically solid closed and may be sealed or protected by shrink sleeve against moisture.

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