Test and Measurement Solutions

Reliable universal instruments for laboratory use are often not suitable for harsh production environments and require experienced personnel to operate them.
It the case of recurring measurement tasks with a variety of different measurement values a dedicated development can be profitable with only a few measurement setups.

Adapter box for sensor production

Adapter box for sensor production Developed for a special customer application, multiple configurations of this box are transferring analog and digital signals over a electric isolated barrier and scaling them to a normalized range.

In this application sensors are supplied with minimum, typical and maximum voltage during production. The power consumption is measured with 0.1% accuracy and the sensor specific analog and digital signals are transferred and scaled.

The adapter box generates the sensor voltage, converts analog measured values galvanically isolated into a 0V-10V range. The digital signals are normalized based on defined thresholds. In addition, special communication protocols have been implemented to convert the proprietary sensor protocol into a RS232 interface comunication.

The box used is as part of development, production and quality control.

Intelligent Adapter for the implementation of rotation speed signals

Masurement adapter with integrated electronics In two different implementations this adapter picks up signals from speed sensors with a 7mA/14mA interface. For this purpose, the sensor cable need not be cut.
The conversion is done by a processor which can be configured via a serial interface. Adjustable levels and operating modes allow the signal recognition under varying conditions. By the use of a controller is also possible to convert the signals of intelligent speed sensors.
In normal operation, the speed signal is converted without the need of any controller communication.

The new generation of the adapter is based on our enclosed adapter Platform.

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Test equipment for ECU platform

Test equipment for ECU platform Matching to our ECU platform we developed a smart test box which can be used in production as well as during the continuing development.
The box is controlled via a CAN bus by a specially created test program. The parallel access to the to device under test enables a comprehensive test. Just like the ECU Platform, the test device is designed modular.
In the laboratory, the box can be used to measure and to supply signals.

Breakout box for sensor adapters

Breakout box for sensor adapters Matching to our sensor adapter we developed breakout box. In the laboratory, signals can be can be measured or supplied. This box is used as part of the calibration process.